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First released on 02/04/2006 , last modified on 03/30/2006


An important part of the HAEA`s work is to prepare laws, safety regulations, and guidelines serving the safety of the application of nuclear energy. The HAEA prepares the drafts of the laws that relate to its activities and that are within the competence of the Government or the supervising minister of the HAEA and that serve in the implementation of the Act on Atomic Energy. The HAEA is required to express its opinion on the drafts and proposals of other ministries with responsibilities under the Act on Atomic Energy.

The Act on Atomic Energy prescribes that the safety requirements for the application of nuclear energy - by taking into account the latest scientific results and international experience - shall periodically be reviewed and updated. For implementation purposes, the HAEA follows the general directions of international development with attention, in particular the international experience of regulation, nuclear safety related technical development results, international experience, and the success of the laws within its competence; it takes initiatives, and it elaborates proposals for modifying and constituting laws. In harmony with this, the HAEA is legally obliged to review the Nuclear Safety Regulations periodically every five years; these Regulations prescribe the regulatory procedures connected with nuclear safety and are issued as annexes of the Governmental Decree 118/2011. (VII. 11.) Korm. and if necessary the HAEA is obliged to consider proposals for modifying the documents regulating the types of individual regulatory licenses, the process of licensing, the nuclear safety requirements, and the rules of inspection.

Based on authorization given in government decree, the Director General of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority issues guidelines for practical methods of implementation and enforcement of the Nuclear Safety Regulations. It is recommended that those concerned should meet the Nuclear Safety Guidelines but this is not compulsory. If they are adopted, the regulatory procedure is simpler and faster. An ongoing activity of the HAEA is to ensure continuous development of its regulatory activities and periodical review and updating of guidelines that have already been issued.


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