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First released on 02/04/2006 , last modified on 03/28/2006


The safe application of nuclear energy requires an advanced scientific-technical base. It is an obligation prescribed by the international convention on nuclear safety to give assurance on the technical background of safe application. The Act on Atomic Energy also prescribes that the safety of the application and the solving of the related research and development tasks shall be supported by the development of science and technology, by coordinated organization of research work, and by practical application of the results of national and international scientific research.

Coordination of the research and development activities relating to the safety of the peaceful application of nuclear energy in Hungary, and the financing of the technical activities supporting regulatory control are among the HAEA`s tasks.

In accordance with its coordination obligations, the HAEA expresses its opinion and evaluates the technical development tasks and applications financed or supported from other budget sources, to enforce the international obligations and to avoid any unnecessary duplication. The HAEA participates in the judging of applications and in checking that all R & D contracts are fulfilled.

It is an international expectation in the field of nuclear safety related regulatory activities to involve the Technical Support Organizations (TSOs) to support the regulatory work. On the ground of regular technical support programmes of the recent years a network of technical support organizations (TSO network) was established. The most relevant institutes of the network are the KFKI Atomic Energy Research institute, the Institute of Nuclear Techniques of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the NUBIKI Nuclear Safety Research Institute and the SOM System Ltd. Cooperation agreements were concluded with the Institute of Nuclear Techniques and the SOM System Ltd in 2010. In the field of radiation health and radiation protection the HAEA is supported by the National "Frédéric Joliot-Curie" Research Institute for Radiobiology and Radiohygiene; in the field of safeguards, registration of radioactive sources, safe packaging and transport of nuclear and other radioactive materials the HAEA is supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Isotopes.


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