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First released on 02/04/2006 , last modified on 01/03/2012


In addition to Hungary`s three nuclear installations, there is also a broad nuclear infrastructure consisting of organisations with highly experienced background that are capable of providing whatever technical support is needed for the HAEA.

- The KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute (KFKI AERI, Budapest) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences operates the 10 MW Budapest Research Reactor. This Institute is active in several fields of nuclear technology such as reactor physics, thermal-hydraulics, health physics, simulator techniques, reactor chemistry. (homepage: www.kfki.hu/~aekihp/)

- The Institute of Nuclear Research (ATOMKI, Debrecen) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences operates a 20 MV cyclotron and a 5 MV Van de Graaff accelerator; this institute is active in several fields of nuclear physics and nuclear techniques. (homepage: www.atomki.hu)

- The "Frédéric Joliot Curie" National Research Institute for Radiobiology and Radiohygiene (OSSKI, Budapest) performs a wide spectrum of research that includes the biological effects of radiation and radioisotopes, radiohygiene (operational and environmental), sterilisation, detoxification etc. (homepage: www.osski.hu)

- The Nuclear Safety Research Institute (NUBIKI, Budapest) deals with many fields, e.g. safety analysis of nuclear power plants, PSA and severe accidents, and noise analysis. (homepage: www.nubiki.hu)

- The Institute of Nuclear Techniques of the Technical University of Budapest (BME NTI) operates a training reactor (pool type, 100 kWth), runs courses for engineers, physicists, chemists and environmentalists, and does research in a number of specialised fields. (homepage: www.reak.bme.hu)

- The Institute for Isotopes (MTA IKI) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences performs a wide range of research related to the use of radioactive materials and nuclear techniques, among them a research and development programme for nuclear safeguards. MTA IKI provides the expertise and the laboratory backgrounds for the HAEA. (homepage: www.iki.kfki.hu)


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